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Thread: Han Solo

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    Fantastic work! Yes, it seems that they usually have great sculpts but just can't seem to get the paints on straight. I don't know what happened to Hasbro but that seems to be a problem more and more often lately.

    It's odd, they seemed to have got worse recently, some of their older figures had much better paint jobs than the newer ones, my Rey figure looked as if her lips were connected to her nose!

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    Is the jacket shell removable? And will this head fit on a standard neck post like, say, Endor Han's? I'm looking to make a SA version, but this head sculpt seems miles beyond what they gave the TBS Starkiller Base Han...
    Modern versions of vintage Return of the Jedi figures: 17/17; 9/14

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    Took a year but finally found old man Han! My target had a big stand of that wave. Only one Rey and han left, but plenty of Varmik. Might get two more to have the Haask triplets

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