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Thread: Rebelscum forum member badge pick up

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    Rebelscum forum member badge pick up

    Day two and I've still got a fat stack of badges for folks to pick up!

    If you do not pick up your badges your armpits will be infested with a million fleas.
    Dustin Roberts
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    Sand fleas at that, from Tattooine.
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    Did mine turn up?

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    Admiral starfriend's Avatar
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    Got mine thursday! Thanks for making it up!
    i want them all

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    Been wearing proudly since day 1. Thanks for doing this!

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    Picked mine up on day one and was proudly wearing mine all weekend. Thanks for making these!

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    Got mine and wore it proudly! Thanks Dustin- you guys ROCKED Anaheim!
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    Thanks for doing these again!

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    picked up mine. greatly appreciated and they turned out great. thanks again.
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    Were there a lot left over? I sure hope not considering that RS made these for us at their expense.
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