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Thread: Bandai AT-ST Kit

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    Bandai AT-ST Kit

    Hi all,

    Have just purchased the new Bandai 1/48 scale AT-ST kit and will do a full review of it once in hand. Really looking forward to this build, a chance to try out some weathering effects. Looking forward to the 1/12 scale R2 & C3PO around the supposed April release. Keep you posted!

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    Kit Received

    Received the new kit yesterday, my first impressions are WOW! Check out all the sprues, will have the feel of a mini studio model as a result. I was expecting something like the old AMT kit in terms of parts although I did find more images on the web of the opened kit after I ordered it. The sculpt is up to Bandai's usual high standard.

    The kit comes with two Imperial driver figures in a pretty standard aircraft kit type molding, would have been nice to have had separate arms to achieve some differences in pose. They almost look like Egyptian tomb statues with their massive boots, no matter as you won't see them in any case. The interior detail is excellent and I aim to show that off with the build. Also comes with a nice Chewy figure in a two part assembly. It does have separate and nice done hydraulic cables with is more than you'd expect in a kit in this scale.

    This kit also comes with the water slide decal and stickers found in the previous releases although the only marking relevant to the vehicle is a blast stain. The rest are Empire logos that are of little use other that decorating a mobile device with them. I actually tried using on the decals from the Stormy kit on the base and they weren't very opaque so discarded them, gimmick really.

    The base or stand will need some scenic work to complete the display effect, more of a modellers build requiring paint unlike the Stormtrooper kit. Will start with the base and I will post pictures as it progresses. The finished model will end up standing an inch or so taller than the Stormy kit.

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    Size Comparison

    Found this picture, models built straight from the box with no decals/stickers or paint.

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    Display Base Decoration

    Decided to begin with the base of the model as I was keen to try out my newly constructed static grass applicator (made form a converted electric bug swatter and a tea strainer), it worked a treat and all for the princely sum of about $6US! Really does make the grass stand up. Applied a layer of ground medium first, in this case some pumice powder I've had for years and then sealed with black paint. Then layers of soil color using airbrush and hand brushed pastel chalk. Still need to add some laser cut ferns to this for the correct Endor feel.

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    Display Base Completed

    Finally finished the base, added some more scenic branches and some laser cut paper ferns...feels like Endor now!

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    AT-ST Base professionally done!!!!

    Wow.... this totally ROCKS!!!! If this is how the base looks I'm expecting total awesomeness for the model!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RayG_Roge1 View Post
    Wow.... this totally ROCKS!!!! If this is how the base looks I'm expecting total awesomeness for the model!!!!
    Thanks Ray, I'm approaching it a bit differently to the awesome work of Andy Moore. Have decided to start with a silver base, want chipped paint here and there showing this.

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    any updates ? Ordered mine as well ! finally a 1/48 AT-AST

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    Although I haven't seen the end results yet,
    based on the base-plate diorama so far,
    "I have a GOOD feeling about this..."
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    Finally some progress

    After many months absence from this project finally have something to add. Was never intended to take this long but the events of this year meant I wasn't in a good state of mind to build a model kit. Involved a poisonous work colleague who tried to have me fired which resulted in a near nervous breakdown. Not good and wouldn't wish this on even a sith lord.

    Anywho as you can see I have nearly completed detailing the interior which has so much detail packed in I decided to go crazy, the drivers and Chewy are finished now also. Have also plans to make the top of the cabin removable using magnets to secure it. Sorry for the delay and enjoy.

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