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Thread: Petition To Stop The Sale Of Reproductions On Rebelscum

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    Petition To Stop The Sale Of Reproductions On Rebelscum

    Hi everyone,

    With the current backlash unfolding today over Mark Poon's Vlix sale, and before that, the serious backlash over advertising reproduction boxes on the RS main page, it's safe to say the majority of the RS vintage community would like the total banishment of repros on the site. While I understand everyone has the right to sell anything Star Wars related on this board, and that Mr. Wise would not want to exclude members, including a minority who actually support this trend, this is an issue most vintage collectors have very strong opinions on. As we all know, reproductions can have a drastic negative impact on this hobby, with many collectors over the years leaving the hobby rather than struggle with the probability of coming across faked Kenner product and paying top dollar for it, only to realize after the fact what they have purchased. This is not meant to include "bootlegs", which have never been made with the intention of mimicking Kenner product as closely as possible and are therefore not a threat the way repros are.

    I don't believe I need to bog down this thread with all the reasons why reproductions are harmful to this hobby, as it's generally accepted that repros are damaging.

    Therefore, in an effort to try and convince Mr. Wise how the majority of his active membership feels, I'd like to get as many members as possible to reply to this thread. No need to elaborate on your feelings, as I am sure Mr. Wise has neither the time nor desire to read every post this will get. A simple reply with your name will suffice. I would respectfully ask anyone who doesn't agree to also just sign your name, and say something short like "I disagree with this", and keep the discussion to the Poon thread. I am aware a lot of our members have moved on to other boards, or other media like Facebook, as well. If you know any member's here who do not frequent the boards any more, I'd like them contacted too. Mr. Wise is unlikely to pay attention to anyone other than his direct membership, which is completely fair.

    With a little proactive action in here, perhaps we can help make a change most of us feel is long overdue.

    Thanks everyone,


    *Edit* Not trying to point people out in any way, but I think an actual reply in the thread may be more effective than 'likes' to this post. I appreciate them, but I think it'll have a greater effect on Mr. Wise if there is a higher volume of actual replies. Thanks.

    PS. Mike, is there any chance of getting this stickied so it doesn't become buried? I know you are on the side of the fence of banning repros, but your authority does not extend to making such policy changes. This might help a little. Thanks.
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    No argument from me, we need less not more repros.
    Buying $$$$ all 2&3D Luke character protos, At-At stuff, 2-1B related, Rebel Commando items, Millennium Falcon whatever, and all the B-Wing Pilot pieces that even Steve Danley doesn't want (.25 cents).

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    Nice post. Say no to repros. Do not buy. Do not sell.

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    SIGNED! With permanent marker!

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    Count me in, F Repro!

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    Oscar saying NO to repro

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    If you want the membership to grow and not leave...then best to leave the repros on Ebay.

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    Here's my Herbie Hancock.

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