View Poll Results: Where's your film allegiance at atm?

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  • PT + OT = SW

    4 7.02%
  • PT + TCW + OT = SW

    7 12.28%
  • PT + TCW + SWR + OT = SW

    6 10.53%
  • OT = SW

    18 31.58%
  • PT + TCW + SWR + OT + ST = SW

    9 15.79%
  • PT + TCW + OT + ST = SW

    4 7.02%
  • PT + OT + ST = SW

    6 10.53%
  • I can't figure out what all these abbreviations are...

    3 5.26%
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Thread: Where's your film allegiance atm?

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    Question Where's your film allegiance atm?

    This is a front page poll but thought I'd put it in here so people can vote and then leave an opinion...

    Looking down the barrel of the third Star Wars trilogy, our ever-inquisitive Probe Droid is tasked with the mission of finding out where your allegiances put you at this point in time.

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    I voted OT as the OT+ST option was missing, which surprises me as I figured that would be a common opinion at this point.
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    Prequels,The Clone Wars,Rebels,Original Trilogy,Sequel Trllogy and the spin offs. I've loved Star Wars since i was 4 in 1977 and will continue to love it.
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    How can the poll be named "film" allegiance, and then list TV shows like Rebels and CW (which both suck anyway).

    And how can people say they have allegiance to the new films - that aren't out yet? You guys not learn anything from the PT?


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    I was 4 when Star Wars was Star Wars IV (not a New Hope) in 1977. I have loved the OT all my life. I can't imagine the ST from Disney will change my allegiance but I haven't seen it yet. PT worked for it's generation and the ST will likely work for it's generation. But the OT is my generation and as such my life.

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    Everything that came before Disney.

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    Rogue One? Solo? Ewok movies? Ewok series? Droids? Holiday special? The People vs. George Lucas...?

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    OT for me, always has been. I don't mind the new films at all, well Last Jedi I have some problems with but I do not think they will ever be able to recreate the magic from the original trilogy. When ANH came out, the technology and effects used in those films were something special, it was ground breaking, something that nowadays with technology, green screens, computers etc is easily accomplished, we have grown accustomed to it, its expected because of movies like the original star wars. I do not think star wars will ever be able to create that sense of amazement that the original star wars brought to me when I was a kid because it was so far ahead of its time.

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    OT for the win!

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    I'll always go for the Original three. But I also do like the prequels as well.
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