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Thread: Marvel's A.K.A. Jessica Jones - Tv Show

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    I liked JJ but I agree with others that I liked DD better. I would have liked another nod to the DD show in JJ, like even have Karen dropping off some documents at the other law firm or something.

    I think that DD season 2 is coming next, so it'll be almost another year before we see the Luke Cage series.
    Claire was the nod to DD. She appeared in the majority of the final episode, and referenced Daredevil a few times.

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    Yeah I got that one but I would have liked a little more weaved in earlier in the series.

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    Fantastic show. I finished it in 2 nights and I'm gearing up to watch it again

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    I didn't see any other discussion about this show, so I'm just going to state season 3 is out and I'm not sure if it's a bummer to me because I know nothing else is going to get developed in this world or because these shows had potential that was largely unrealized.

    Daredevil was done well. I think it was excellent for a lot of reasons, but Vincent D'Onofrio as Kingpin was inspired. Punisher was probably the second best of these series because it was brutal and raw and Jon Bernthal was perfect. I have no problem with the depiction of Luke Cage, Danny Rand or Jessica Jones, but those shows just went too slow. Iron Fist got interesting at the very end. Luke Cage had its moments. Jessica Jones was emotional and gritty and I would say was probably my next favorite because of the emotion you could feel in every character.

    Unlike Iron Fist and Luke Cage who were essentially average depictions of B Level superheroes... Jessica Jones stood out with Krysten Ritter doing a great job of showing a reluctant superhero and really all the characters in the 3 seasons having major flaws and trying to overcome personal obstacles and psychological issues.

    I would recommend everyone watch all three seasons of Jessica Jones. Man do I wish they had given us more interaction with all these mains and many of the secondary characters. Elektra, Colleen Wing, Misty Knight, Hellcat, Typhoid Mary, Claire, Malcolm, all of these were great characters that I will miss. I can only hope that Disney manages to resurrect the best of these characters somehow and keep it going. The Defenders season could really have exploded with some better writing or just better adversaries.

    The villains of these shows were unfortunately rather forgettable but Kingpin, Bullseye, Killgrave, Bushmaster, Jigsaw ... not a bad selection.
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