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Thread: Celebration VII Swag - Swag Wars

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    Celebration VII Swag - Swag Wars

    With less than 3 months to go people are starting to plan their trips to Celebration VII in Anaheim! (I haven't even started booking flights yet!!) And with that thought in mind I've noticed people are starting to post ideas for buttons, patches and other swag to hand out. To me this is the greatest part of Celebration! It is an awesome icebreaker allowing an opportunity for fans to introduce themselves and meet other fans. They're a neat collectible unto themselves! They are an great way to express yourself or your collection. They are just fun!! I am planning my pin now and it will be the second in the series that I started at the last Celebration. I'll post pics once the design is finalized. So post some pics of what you are planning on bringing! I'm looking forward to beating last Celebration's record! 96 pieces on 3 lanyards weighing in at just under a pound!!

    Some tips:

    Have fun with the design! Let it speak for you!
    Buttons are cheapest way to go.
    Common size is 1" round though other sizes and shapes are more than welcome!
    100-150 are a good number for a con the size of Celebration, and a good number of friends!

    I've used Custom Buttons, Magnets, Zipper Pulls - Pure Buttons in the past and I've been pleased with their quality and service but I know there are companies out there. Just google custom buttons or pins and you'll find a bunch.

    I'm looking forward to what everybody comes up with and more importantly looking forward to adding them to my lanyards this year!!

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    "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!"
    Looking for's Vader's Trap print #14
    Looking for R2 Prototypes MOC's & Cobot too! Also Droids R2 Original Art

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    To quote the famous Mr. Jon Peck... "The Swag Awakens!"
    Currently looking for Ewoks Preschool and Plush items including protos, proofs, artwork, etc.
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    Getting some buttons and patches made- looking forward to it immensely now
    Wanted: TIE Pilots- ESB-C Baggie/ Rare Foreign MOCs/Prototypes
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    I was Co-Founder of a Star Wars fan/collecting site for a few years. Participation dropped to zero, and we made the call to shut it down. Had we kept it running, my plan was to try and have a patch or button for CVII. Plans changed, and sadly I will not be able to attend this year. I had a blast at the last two shows trying to find people and collect patches and pins. I even got one of Mr. Ritter's CVI R2 pins!

    If any of you guys who are giving out swag have extras after the con, I'd be more than happy to send a few bucks for some of these items.
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    I traded swag for the first time at CE2 (after watching everybody else at C6), and it was indeed a blast. I intend this for C7 to be the first in a series that will continue to future conventions of read-along label pins.

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    Here is a pic of my 3 lanyards at the end of C6. Just to show some of the fun to be had.

    "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!"
    Looking for's Vader's Trap print #14
    Looking for R2 Prototypes MOC's & Cobot too! Also Droids R2 Original Art

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    Badges designed and thought out for humour and maximum desirability(to other collectors)...looking forward to the SWAG-fest!!,

    87 days days and counting till touch down in Anaheim.....

    the excitement is palpable!!

    Okay.Fine.You win.
    Now I'm going to enjoy my life while you are buried under a pile of plastic and cardboard.
    Big Barada

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    Here's the pin I'm planning to bring to give away.

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    We've got some Plastic Galaxy pins in the works... To be revealed soon!
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    Plastic Galaxy!

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    Here's the first of mine featuring the iconic Diamond Jubilee logo for Palitoy in 1979.


    Want Palitoy ESB 45A Back (Blue Circle Offer) 2-1B MOC and Palitoy ESB 30B cardbacks for first 12 figures

    Mr Palitoy's Cardback Guide

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