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Thread: WTB: SW Pachislo (Slot Machine)

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    WTB: SW Pachislo (Slot Machine)

    I believe these would now fall into the Vintage category, but if not please let me know and I'll look to move post.


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    If it wasn't made between 1977-1985 it does not belong in the vintage forum. The term "vintage" does not refer to how old something is, i.e. in two years this thing will be 20 years old so I can call it vintage. Vintage is a manufacturing date range of 1977-1985.
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    Thanks for moving to correct thread list. Still looking for SW Pachislo and Pachinko games.

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    thereisnotry, are you still looking for SW pachinko machines? I've got a Star Wars pachinko machine, a 2006 R2D2 pachinko from the Bisty line of Sankyo that I am selling now.
    $300 plus shipping (shipping would be the expensive part!)

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    Noice. Though I'd suggested this one online casino real money au. Check it out and see the resemblance. I think that these are the best slots around.
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