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Thread: Krypton - Syfy

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    Krypton - Syfy

    Syfy’s Krypton Series to Follow Superman’s Grandfather

    DC Comics’ hold on television properties continues to expand today with the announcement that Syfy is moving forward with “Krypton,” a new television series that will explore the history of Superman’s ill-fated birth planet.

    Hailing from DC Comics and Warner Horizon Television, “Krypton” will follow Kal-El’s grandfather with the following official description:

    Years before the Superman legend we know, the House of El was shamed and ostracized. This series follows The Man of Steel’s grandfather as he brings hope and equality to Krypton, turning a planet in disarray into one worthy of giving birth to the greatest Super Hero ever known.

    The idea for “Krypton” originated with The Dark Knight scribe David S. Goyer and Ian Goldberg (“Once Upon a Time”). Goldberg is set to draft the pilot with Goyer attached to executive produce.

    In the late 1980′s, John Byrne scripted a comic book miniseries called “The World of Krypton.” It introduced a version of Kal-El’s paternal grandfather named Seyg-El (named for Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel). There’s no word yet on whether or not the new series will keep that name, however.

    “Krypton” joins a rapidly expanding slate of DC Comics properties which already includes The CW’s “Arrow” and “The Flash,” FOX’s “Gotham” and NBC’s “Constantine.” En route to CBS is “Supergirl” with TNT developing the “Teen Titans”-inspired “Titans.”

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    This the first time i feel that there are too many superhero tv shows.

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    With Syfy at the helm, it's almost sure to be a (s)hit.
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    Is this within the movie continuity?

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    with how dull Gotham was before I stopped watching it, I think I will pass on this. It sounds a bit too like Caprica. "Here's what happened politically on this planet before anything that you really want to see happened."
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    just the fact its on syfy makes me worry. considering they are the channel that should be representing science fiction they make the worst most damaging moronic cringe worthy stuff I have ever seen in the name of sci fi. BUT I hope its a good show, just nothing fills me with less confidence that seeing the syfy logo.

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    So when is Themyscira getting green-lit?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaggath_Playa View Post
    This the first time i feel that there are too many superhero tv shows.
    Not sure it really counts as a "superhero show"... Kryptonians on Krypton are just regular humans. They just have advanced tech.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaggath_Playa View Post
    Is this within the movie continuity?
    Probably not, since none of the other TV shows are, and the Krypton we saw in MoS is probably a bit too ambitious for SyFy's generally lousy budgets.

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    Hard pass. Especially considering how quickly I got bored of Gotham.

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    Even if it does turn out to be good, it is Sy Fy, and it will cancelled with in 4 seasons.
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