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Thread: Krypton - Syfy

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    So, second episode in. What do people think? I know in the beginning that I just didn't see how this could be that interesting, about Kal El's Grandfather and no being Super and all. But I have to say that it is interesting, getting a closer look at Krypton's History and society. It also appears that there will be "other" characters popping in and out, the first of whom Adam Strange. Who gets Seg El started on his journey.
    This may be my new show to watch as the CW shows are waning IMO.
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    I gave it a couple of episodes but found it fairly boring. The backstory on Kryptonian society was kind of neat but that is about it. I might try one more episode before I give up on the show.

    Somewhat on topic, I am sick of dead kryptonians talking to people via sentient hologram.
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    I have to agree... visually stunning, but wow, do Kryptonians love to use the S word. Adam Strange was an interesting addition, but was a lazy way to keep the favorite Son of Krypton mentioned over and over and over. Guessing Kandor will get shrunk in the finale.

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    Seems a bit too early for that, though it depends on how many season they expect to do I guess. He is the obvious choice due to the fact of time travel, right?

    The hose of Zod is definitely odd. They put loyalty over anything, even Family. Makes you wonder how that line even survived. Speaking of said family, it's weird to see and El and Zod being intimate with each other.

    The other thing that has me confused, is their supposed belief of being alone in the Galaxy. This all must take place before discovery of the 28 known Galaxies, or of Argo, Daxom and Dheron etc. I always assumed Krypton was a very old planet that had vast relationships with other off worlders. But it seesm that only came 200 year before Kal=\-El.
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    So I heard that this show has been canceled, and likely no closure. I didn't think this show would do well from the beginning, because well you know. It's about nobody. However, i thought the first season was decent. And the second a little better with Lobo etc. I can see why viewership is low, though i don't know why it fell so far. Trying to stay spoiler free, so I won't say too much. But in their attempt to make a nobody somebody, they used a lot of Superman's Villains. Which kind of feels weird to see these particular characters.

    So I'm not sure how they can make a Lobo series work any better.
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