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Thread: FS: Style Guides, Lucasfilm Christmas cards, Halloween Cards, Press Kits, Admission, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by razagul View Post
    As you can see, my last change was the 30th and now it's the 2nd, if you see the hours I missed the 72 for 5 hours. Im sorry, but I dont think I am disrupting the rule, if you think so, please accept my humble apology
    It wasn't the biggest gap, but you also did it going from the 28th to the 30th (and posting 2x on the 30th). So I though maybe you don't know the rule. It's a simple rule and we all try to stick by it to keep it fair, anyone can make a mistake.


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    bump 05/11
    "Never tell me the odds"

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    Bump Tickets are sold I am sorry for everyone who has asked but I didn't have the time to reply to each one. Sorry!
    "Never tell me the odds"

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    Bumping this up Style Guides will go for 1500€, Press Kits for 3000€ and Gifts for 1000€. I will listen to reasonable offers too. Will accept exchanges only for Otona no Chogokin Endeavour from Bandai, Diablo Sideshow Statue or Kerrigan Statue, with the different adjustments.
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    "Never tell me the odds"

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    Again bump 1200 SG, 2800 Kits and gifts 900. Kerrigan is off the grid now. Will listen to reasonable offers, and away from Endeavour and Diablo, I add for accepted exchanges any Gaming Heads Elder Scrolls statue.
    "Never tell me the odds"

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    Bumping this up. Current prices -in euros- 1200 SG, 2800 Kits, 900 Gifts. Reasonable offers are welcomed
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    New prices, and new items
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    Bumping this
    "Never tell me the odds"

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    Bumping again this Price for everything is 4000$ and shipping -won't be very high-. Will also listen to reasonable offers, and if someone wants something concrete we can negotiate.
    "Never tell me the odds"

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    PM sent....
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