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Thread: Hot Toys - 1/6 Emperor

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    Hot Toys - 1/6 Emperor reports of the Emperor by Hot Toys at the Brasil Comic Con.

    Hot Toys at Brasil Comic Con Experience - The Toyark - News

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    Good grief! Too fast too fast too fast!!!!! Slow down! Wallet melting!

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    Why would they show an old figure and Vader without Kenobi? I think they are SS versions maybe; all the stuff pictured has been released that I could tell.

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    Emperor, throne and Vader look to be SSC's. Wait and see...

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    It looks like they took that photo on a dare, attempting to get the worst possible picture of the two new figures. That Vader doesn't look quite like SSC to me. And the Emperor -- who can say?

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    Staring at it for some time, Vader does look like SSC's DX/ESB. Emperor is a bit more tricky. First thought it was SSC's 1/6 and its throne but looking closer, it appears to be bigger than Bespin Luke. It might be SSC's PF.

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    The Emperor seems to be the SSC version.

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    Already have the SSC Emperor and Throne.
    HT needed to get out of the gate better than this!
    Remaking all or most of the figures SSC made several years ago wasn't the way to best impress.
    You know you've had a good week when you've made it thru without stepping in 'Bantha Poo-Doo'.

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    Not really sure there are other figures they could go with any other options seen as though sideshow has covered most of the main characters PT and OT with exception of bespin or hoth Leia. Can't see them starting with characters sideshow haven't covered like tarkin or cantina alien #3 not counting chewbacca as the average person and interest probably wouldn't be there whereas the big names would. However the non canon shadow trooper is puzzling

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    They are certainly churning them out, I'm surprised that they'd make so many at once..., no way I could buy so many, the budget just won't allow for it. lol Thankfully just the Stormtroopers are of interest so far..., looking forward to seeing the facial likeness of the emperor though.
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