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Thread: Kenner EMPIRE carded offerless set update

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    Cool Kenner EMPIRE carded offerless set update

    Howdy; it's been a long time since I posted my ESB offerless set but it still needed some updates

    Although it was nearly complete in 2008, I still had to upgrade a few cards, and find offerless AT-AT Commander, Luke Brown hair, and Boba Fett.

    I had the opportunity to get all three respectively from Ron Salvatore, Todd DeMartino and Robert Daugherty - THANKS guys!!

    The last one I might need would be 4-LOM, I say "might" because technically the offerless is not a Kenner U.S. card, but an Australian one...

    Sorry for the loosy picture, I can't get a higher resolution into rebelscum's photo gallery... but you still enjoy most of them in the 2008 post.

    I am very thrilled of these 'achievement', I've been collecting ESB offerless since the early 2000s. It was a nice hunt, some were relatively easy to find, but tricky to find in 'good' condition, and some were quite difficult...

    I guess the most prefered in the run are Chewbacca green limbs and Boba Fett - they're both the 'discolored' version and looks pretty special


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    Congratulations. Impressive, most impressive.
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    Another great run Stephane , I think you are missing the orange hair Luke Skywalker 41 E-Back offerless to your collection .

    visit your imperial recruitment center now.

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    That looks great I got three to go. Yes There are so tough ones in there.
    troy patterson

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    Really nice run. Big fan of the offerless ESB Kenner cards. Thanks for sharing.
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    Incredible run Stephane !
    9 holy grails in a row

    Looking for Imperial Commander stuff

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    That's an amazing run Stephane! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing.
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    Congrats on putting together such a collection, it is an amazing limelight.

    I plan on doing the same with my 48 back B&C focus. I am only half way to a complete set though


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