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Thread: Aquaman - Movie

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    I think this will be equal with WW. Unlike the MarvelMovies, I feel the DC verse is better with their character movie than their army of heroes ones.
    Jason Momoa is one of my favourite actors since I first saw him in Stargate Atlantis back in the old days. I like the ways i portrays the ******ness ( is this a word ?)

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    Well upon seeing the new trailer, I really dislike that they've made Aquaman into a complete moron. It's like they're trying to be like how Thor was portrayed in Ragnarok.

    But I will say, I like the visuals. Atlantis looks beautiful and Black Manta looks BA. But I just don't have faith in this film.
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    The newest trailer was better, but this is just Thor underwater.

    Quote Originally Posted by MysterioMaximus View Post
    It's like they're trying to be like how Thor was portrayed in Ragnarok.
    I disagree, JL and Ragnarok came out in the same month, they're just going by the scant characterization they gave him in JL.

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    So i just watched the extended trailer, and surprise. Something that should have not been in it, and saved for the movie reveal was ruined..
    Though the classic look did look cool, and proves my point!
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    I don't think I've ever been more disinterested in a movie. Part of it is the whole "burn me once" thing with DC. The other part is that this just really looks bad. "If you thought Aquaman was a D-bag the last 4-5 decades because of how lame he was, think again! He's now a D-bag for all sorts of different reasons!" That's the message I'm getting, and it's not a good one.

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    Can’t wait!
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    Interesting, it probably just okay in my book. It wasn't BvS bad, but it also wasn't WW good. Possibly somewhere above or right next to JL. It's really a toss up because there were good parts/elements in JL, just overall lacks. Aquabro though seemed like it was just there to be viewed. Several parts seem to drag on, and the meaningful parts didn't quite seem genuine due to his acting style.

    Black Manta was cool, just seemed far fetched that he could adapt Atlantis tech in a garage.
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    Already planning to do a sequel, because they feel this is one of their more successful attempts. But I think it's just because is twas different enough.
    I can't say that A2 would do as well unless the change up some things, I still feel he's out of place as Aquaman. Plus making Ohm the Villain first, anything else almost pales in comparison. I don't recall many notable bad guys for him, and how do you match the action of first one? Story wise where do you go, JL:War? Will they introduce Aqualad? Or have any crossover of previous JL members, like WW or Flash? Perhaps introduce a Green Lantern or Martian Manhunter?

    Considering Superman is on hold, and likely wont get a sequel of his own. I'm thinking they'll need to recast though, it doesn't seem like he two parties are agreeable on anything. So maybe they're trying to come up with something to fill in, and audiences seem to like Aquaman.

    Also read that the Lantern Corps movie has been pulled or pushed back, which is disappointing. Maybe the should just take the Sony route, and make a Red Lantern movie about Atrocitus.
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    maybe his villain will be plastic in the ocean? he can use his powers to remove the large floating blob of waste plastic in the pacific which is currently the size of alaska. and/or "aliens". yeah. that's the ticket. make him fight aliens.
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    There was some discussion about using the Trench as his next villain.. Aquaman movie, or a JL movie ?? (hadn't paid THAT much attention)

    Anyhow, pretty good villain to go with, also it would work as a movie vs. being an ALL underwater villain.. at least they can come of land (which I always thought was somewhat of a bit of a bottleneck with Aquaman.. finding villains that you wouldn't have to film all underwater sequences with.
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