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Thread: HotToys Luke Skywalker TLJ Crait

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    HotToys Luke Skywalker TLJ Crait

    Yipee - The early words of Darth Vader...

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    Soon to be announced...hopefully.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedisquared View Post
    Soon to be announced...hopefully.
    SDCC reveal probably.

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    Lets hope this is not a proto only figure that will never see release. Pretty confident for a PO though as it is Luke Skywalker and not Baze Malbus or a mere Death Star trooper

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    wonder if he'll have a hole in the middle for Kylo to put his saber

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    I'm not surprised this piece is being made. It's an important version of Luke Skywalker. I will likely cave and preorder it.
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    Sigh.....Last be avoided forever.

    Excuse my unnecessary grumbling......please disregard!
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    ... Just when I thought I couldn't be tempted.
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    Hot Toys have uploaded images of this on their Facebook page. I imagine pre-sale will be later today / tomorrow?
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