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Thread: Hot Toys Stormtrooper

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    I like the fact of troop building, but I really think its Han and Luke. You can see a significant difference in the height.

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    I like the look of these & the bases are cool too..., I can easily see this being my first Hot Toys Star Wars purchase.
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    These won't be released as Han and Luke (clearly described as Stormtroopers figures set on the tag) though HT did produce one shorter than the other to allow for a han & Luke set down the line.

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    I have the SS trooper, but I will get this for sure. It needed an update. I also have the SS Han and Luke stormtrooper, I would not pay a premium for them. The SS ones are fine for me, don't need to spend $400 or worse!

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    Looks like we're finally getting the definitive 1:6 scale Stormtrooper! Very, very excited for this set.
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    Fantastic; gonna dump my Sideshow version as its not great
    3.75" line = still my fav way to collect SW figs!

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    This set looks great, I love the shiny look. I take it the SS version will be popping up for sale on Ebay now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TK_842 View Post
    Only disappointment for the time being, they are adding a blaster rifle to that set which kind of defeat the purpose of adding it to the Han & Chewy set in the first place.
    The Stormies used the big DLT-19 too, remember the scene when on Death Star one of them searched for the hidden crew of he Falcon together with the scanning troopers?

    Anyway a new pic


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    Let's not forget the Stormtrooper wearing the DLT-19 first:


    Collecting has the permanence of herpes, it mutates, but doesn't go away

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    Doubt this will be strictly a set. It's gonna suck though if it is cause the price will be close to $400. Will be ok if HTs spaces out the release dates on their work. That's what I think is killing SS to much dropping all at once and then charging higher prices with every release. And we all know Hot Toys isn't cheap.. But the products are oh so choice..
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