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Thread: Han Solo - Bespin - SL24

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    I'll probably pick this up. Looks like an improvement of the previous MS Han!
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    Words fail... This was my favorite Kenner figure, so it's really cool to get this. And I can already tell that this figure just slays the super-wrinkled TVC Bespin Han (one of my biggest disappointments in that line).

    Now I hope they resculpt an ESB Chewie to pair up with him.

    Quote Originally Posted by GNT View Post
    Looks like we'll be seeing a new Han Solo in Bespin gear figure in the saga legends line.

    Who's going to be picking this one up?
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    Looks like a retool of the MS Han. New head and the rest has just been resculpted. Arms resculpted with longer sleeves, chest reworked to be ESB accurate. Added holster on legs. The hands give away the retooling of the arms. Stance on the legs is the same. That being said, he looks amazing! So far I had been getting these figures just for the heads, this one I might keep as is. Going to be tough, still love my POTJ Han bespin. I hope this guy doesn't have the leg rub the anh version has.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rookie_pilot View Post

    Prof Barada, do I get an A on this assignment
    LOVE this figure!
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    This has the potential to be my favorite figure of all time.

    That is all.

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    Prof Barada, do I get an A on this assignment
    Yep that works.

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    I really like this figure. I especially like the fact that they got his eye color right this time, unlike the Mission Series figure.
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    This figure feels like finding Bigfoot. Vintage Han bespin was my first and favorite Han, been searching for the "perfect" one since.
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    The sculpt looks amazing. Then a part of me wishes the belt and holster were one separate piece. Then if only it had swivel wrists and hinge elbows. Ball-jointed shoulders and I'm happy. So, I guess what I want is the perfect mid-point between these and the super-articulated style.

    Essentially, this to me is the perfect blend of sculpt and articulation:

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