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Thread: Han Solo - Bespin - SL24

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    Faker, how did you modify the Torso? Trim part of the jacket??
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    I finally saw tis figure today. They had about 4-5 of him, but every one I saw had a spot of blue paint right where the White Shirt forms a "V" over Han's chest. I thought it was odd because you'd think a mistake would have either been White overlapping onto the Skin or Skin-tone overlapping onto the Shirt. Besides that one flaw, the paint jobs were actually top notch.
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    The torso is made of blue plastic. So what you're seeing is both the white and flesh coming up short and missing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Julythrunov View Post
    Trying the arms next.

    Carbonite lower legs? Was it hard? I've been wanting to do this but I really don't want to mess up. I only have the one. What's your plan with the arms?
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    Anyone got an extra of these? Loose is fine by me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BubbaVader View Post
    Anyone got an extra of these? Loose is fine by me.

    Mmmmm... Sorry. Nope.

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