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I’m not expecting “adult” as CellBlock seems so hopeful for. Just a story and aesthetic tone that fuses seamlessly with RO's is all I’m asking fo— and likely possible. I’d love for an R-rated SW, but as long as Kathy is involved with SW, it’s non-stop kiddifying ad nauseam.
By "adult", I just mean something that's a serious production, where the protagonists take the situations seriously and there isn't a ton of unnecessary "comic relief". If ever there was something didn't need comic relief, it's Star Wars. It's not that tense in the first place.

I'm not looking for Star Wars, by way of Gaspar Noe or anything. Something more akin to 'Rogue One'. A space fantasy that's adult enough to appeal to me, but the nippers can enjoy it too.

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(BTW CellBlock, you may want to give TCW a(...or another) chance. Admittedly, it’s more drudge than goodness, but the good episodes are really solid, giving that much needed tone of the iconic Clone Wars a deserved realization. But then agin, since you loathe the animation-style, it may not be more than worth it to sit through for just a few measly morsels of goodness amongst a banquet of fast food LOL)

Ah, I've tried. But, there's just too much bollox covering the relatively good stuff and as you know, the character style and animation just irks me.

I've got some heavily fan edited versions knocking around. But even they're slog to get through, to be honest.