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    It could be interesting to see him dealing with the Tusken jedi from the dark horse comics.
    I've repeated this a few times and thought the Sharad "Howlrunner" Hett story line would be great for this show. It was actually a Ki Adi Mundi story, but subbing in Obi Wan wouldn't be a bad thing. Hett had a connection with Qui Gon. Hett feuded with Jabba, who was trying to stir things up to sell arms. Aurra Sing gets involved. Hett had a son, A'sharad Hett that actually turns out to be even more important WAY down the line.

    In response to the "did he go back and hide for 20 years" ... he actually left the order and went back to his home planet, which had been wiped out. He wasn't in the jedi order anymore and would have easily slipped through the purge (had his story been set in that time frame). He crash landed on Tatooine and became a leader of Tuskens...
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