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Thread: Buildings, Bunkers and Bases

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    Buildings, Bunkers and Bases

    Here is a gallery of some of the random playset models I've currently made. They vary from assorted buildings of real world to sci fi designs, assorted "damage" levels, bunkers, outposts, and even some environments such as rock or ice caves to alien planet settings. They are all made of wood so they heavier than most other store bought playsets but sturdy enough that you can sit on them. Most have been or currently are available through ebay but are few were private commissions. Those can get fairly beastly in size but are some of the most fun to build.

    Imperial Outpost

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    Battle Bunker

    This was a new design I was trying out. A bit more aggressive in appearance to some of my older models but it still fits well with either faction of GI Joe/Cobra or Rebels/Imperials.

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    Wasteland Church

    This was a commission piece requested to be a somewhat battle damaged, war torn maybe post-apocalyptic church. Still functional as a building without being completely bombed out but to where it's still seen better days. While making this I kept thinking of all the random storyline adventures that could be played out in this setting like refuge from a zombie horde, where you can stack the pews against the open doors, to possibly having to take out the leader of some wasteland cannibalistic cult etc. Reminded me a lot of some Fallout adventures.

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    Ice Cave

    I always wanted to make just a "universal" Ice Cave playset that could work as either Hoth for Star Wars (or any other ice planet) and also some arctic setting for Joes to fall into.

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    Alien Planet Outpost

    I loved seeing Galoob's old designs for their cancelled stackable Star Trek playsets when they were making the Next Generation 3.75" figure line. I think their playsets were originally planned to actually be just tab and slot paper stock construction which would have been a complete and utter fail but the overall designs were amazing. So this piece is somewhat based on the premise of having a 2 sided "stacked" playset where the 2 sides interact with one another but they are also separate. You can land a ship on the platform and walk below to the planet surface or 1 kid can play on the outpost/platform side and another kid can play in the "alien cavern" side below.

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    These are awesome! You've got exceptional talent. I like the Imperial outpost and the bunker best but they're all terrific, frankly. I especially like the interior shots of the church. They look very realistic.

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    So THAT'S why I couldn't find any zombie vipers in the store!
    (Just kidding, I think I found 2)
    Last piece has a Flintstoney feel to it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deathspawn9000 View Post
    So THAT'S why I couldn't find any zombie vipers in the store!
    (Just kidding, I think I found 2)
    Last piece has a Flintstoney feel to it!
    Oh, believe me, I only found 2 in the wild also.
    The other 18 I have I had to pay thru the nose with aftermarket prices.
    A lot of these past buildings helped pay for them but I love them zombies SO freaking much!

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    reminds me of a scene out of the walking dead when they go into the church and all the zombies are sitting for a sermon.......

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    Shield Generator

    I threw this together in about an hour and I love how it turned out so much I don't want to get rid of it. I'll probably make more eventually but this one I kinda want to hang on the wall or something. As solid as it is, it actually feels like a big chunk of machinery.

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