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Thread: Buildings, Bunkers and Bases

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    Tatooine City

    Here's a group shot of the buildings my kids help me set up.
    Once you place these in a sandy setting it really starts to look like a desert town. I had a few requests to make a line of buildings to be used like background "set" pieces so some of these have no open interior with closed walls on all sides.

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    just wonderful.... looks great out in the "real world" ...jealous
    no matter where you go there you are

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    Which ones do have interiors? The kids love going inside and out...

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    Any of the ones you see with open doorways have the open interior.
    The others have doors with fully closed walls.

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    Shipping Containers

    I recently built a few shipping containers to go along with the other playsets I have available. Distressing the surface of these was a lot of fun and they could technically work for a real world shipping yard or a sci-fi slum setting.

    Oh, I also made these Anti-Tank Obstacles.

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    After many requests I finally got around to making a 1:12 scale Tatooine building for the 6" figure line. This building comes with a removable interior bar section that can convert the playset to be used with the 4" line also.

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    Wow. Just-freaking-wow... That's some really great work on all of those. The ice cave setting really stands out as does the Tatooine scene.

    Hope to see more of your work.


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    WOW these are all amazing creations! Your talent really shines through in every piece, you can feel the love that went into making them radiating from each and every piece.

    You're a true craftsman and artisan. You're a credit to our hobby, in fact I might even go as far to say you're the Thomas Edison of our hobby.

    The buildings themselves are incredible, however adding your ecletic collection of toys to the mix really ups the ante.

    Just one question if I may, the Lady Jaye figure in the first photo on the Building Ruins, looks like you've swapped her head for another I don't recognise, whose head is on Lady Jaye's body?
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    Thanks for all that!

    The head swap might have been the one from the Marvel Infinite Series Wasp figure.

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    Amazing! Your buildings, bunkers and bases are so incredible. I can't wait to see more.
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