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Thread: Rebels - Figures that need to be made?

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    Rebels - Figures that need to be made?

    We're a couple weeks away from the series starting so I'll get this thread up and running now, post all your Rebels "wants" here.

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    I think this will be interesting... so far we haven't really seen any cool aliens or anything. Clone Wars provided lots of opportunities for figures, between all the different clones, cool aliens, and rotating cast of Jedi. I'm a little concerned that with this series mostly based on Lothal, and around the small crew of Rebels, action figure opportunities may be more rare. Hopefully it will branch out quickly.

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    Loving Disney and all things Danish and Japanese!!!

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    For me, I wouldn't mind a 6" Black Series Chopper. I like that he's based off of early concept designs for R2-D2.

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    Sabine and Kallus without any headgear. Also Luminara. And Bail. And Captain Rex (Star Tours). Any character who has appeared before.

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    Yeah, if the helmet on Sabine isn't removable, I'd like an alternate figure for her. I'm also interested in Luminara, as she was one of the CW Jedi that I really enjoyed in the series. I doubt this is a spoiler, but we briefly see the Kenner Hammerhead in the background during the premiere - that would be a cool figure for the line as well.

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    Next episode has a "Walrus Man" in it, judging from a preview. Would love to see him. I think an Aqualish was mentioned in one of those news reports too.

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    The Wookiee kid! Just because he reminds me so much of Lumpy from the Holiday Special.

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    Ha, ha! I got that same feeling.

    Though I think it's bit early for wish list, it just started. lol
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