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Thread: Rebels - Figures that need to be made?

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    Well, we seem to be getting action figures of all the main crew members, so not really too much else that I feel "needs" to be made at this point. I find it interesting that we're getting some Wookiees from the pilot episode, so that makes me wonder if Hasbro is more open to making single episode characters in this 5POA style than they were in the SA Clone Wars line (back when it was still SA).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hockey_History View Post
    The Wookiee kid! Just because he reminds me so much of Lumpy from the Holiday Special.
    They tracked Lumpy's vocals for him, that's probably why.

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    Hasbro should, nay need, to make a figure of Sabine where we can actually see her face!

    I can explain how much it p*sses me off that Hasbro have gone and stuck a non-removable helmet on Sabine!

    I wouldn't have minded if they did a non-removable helmet version AFTER having already made a helmet-less Sabine.

    In the two episodes I've seen so far, Sabine seems to spend more time with her helmet off.
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    I think we need to have figures on shelves before we start talking about what they should do next.

    i'm equal parts excited and disappointed. If toys weren't my favorite part of a property's merch, I'd have given up in anger already.
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    I think they've covered everything major so far except (spoilers for A New Dawn and Droids in Distress):

    Sabine Wren (No Helmet)
    Depa Billaba

    Bail Organa

    Imperial Speeder Bike

    I would be nice to see Bossk, who co-starred in the junior novel Ezra's Gamble, or Captain Rae Sloane from A New Dawn show up on the series at some point; I'd love to get them as Rebels-style figures.

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    Any character in realistic format with full articulation and I may consider opening my wallet.

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    Eh, if they put it out, I'll probably buy it. And by "it" I think I mean just about every character that makes it to the shelves. I missed my opportunity with Clone Wars, as I arrived late for the party - both series-wise and collecting-wise. Now I'm paying through the nose for those hard-to-find figures. The only pre-order I have not been able to snag yet is Chopper.
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    -Bail Organa
    -The rest of the IG droids
    -Sabine with helmet off
    -Kallus with helmet off
    -Maketh Tua
    -Ambo Wabo

    -Speeder Bike
    -Wookiee Gunship
    -Regular Tie Fighter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doop View Post
    -Maketh Tua
    I'd really like to see Minister Tua, but it doesn't seem likely that Hasbro would make her almost certainly not as a single-carded release. Maybe in a mission pack with a stormtrooper or Bail Organa?

    A generic Imperial officer would also be nice; Yogar Lyste from "Fighter Flight" would make a good template.

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    An Imperial speeder bike packed with an AT-DP pilot would be pretty cool. Though, instead of the light blue armor of the upcoming single carded release of the AT-DP pilot, it'd be nice if hasbro could repaint it with more screen accurate light grey armor.

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