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Thread: My Luke Jedi Focus photos

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    My Luke Jedi Focus photos

    Sorry for the less than stellar photos. My lighting situation in the rec room isn't the best, so these are the best I could do. Try to ignore my fat head in the mirror back. Enjoy!

    Full cabinet shot, Palace Blaster final Kenner blueprint & Color assessment Kenner blueprint

    Top shelf L-R: Unproduced Micro Jabba's Playset 4-up, Palitoy MOC, Lili Ledy MOC, Clipper MOC

    2nd shelf L-R:
    Back row: Photo art
    Front row: Luke Jedi dark brown/black cape protomold. Torso and limbs are cast in white plastic and hand painted. Head is hand painted dynacast. Blaster and lightsaber are hand painted protomolds as well. Alternate acetate sculpt dynacast hardcopy with sample E.P. head, Painted dynacast hardcopy

    3rd shelf L-R:
    Back row: Offerless ROTJ Chromalin, 65A square cornered proof card
    Middle row: 77-back card photo sample, (3) cape samples on various EP's from the Orient, clear head pull test torso/ first shot with production limbs and head, (2) cape samples on various EP's from the Orient, 79-back card photo sample
    Front row: ROTJ-h baggie, AFA 85 Luke Jedi Pitch Coin, photo art 35mm slide, hardcopy 35mm slide, alt photo 35mm slide, Sail Skiff toy 35mm slide, (2) sample/test shot heads, Taiwan baggie, Blue Saber MIHK baggie

    4th shelf L-R:
    Back Row: Kenner 65C MOC, Tri-Logo MOC, Kenner 79A MOC
    Front Row: LFL Production ROTJ Storyboard, ROTJ Lobby Card, Sealed Kenner 8-pack w/Luke Jedi
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    Freakin' awesome Bill, that's just such an awesome collection of my favourite ROTJ character.
    Buying $$$$ all 2&3D Luke character protos, At-At stuff, 2-1B related, Rebel Commando items, Millennium Falcon whatever, and all the B-Wing Pilot pieces that even Steve Danley doesn't want (.25 cents).

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    Absolutely killer focus, Bill! Kudos on the great work both in terms of quality and presentation. Thanks so much for sharing it here on RS!

    Buying vintage prototypes, snowtrooper rarities, & Kenner employee memorabilia

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    Awesome pieces and a classy display.

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    just one word for me - WOW!!!!!!
    Always looking for:
    vintage BESpin Security Guard White items esp. proofs/cromalins
    potf2 Lando skiff and jawa prototypes.

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    Really cool- I love focuses like these. A great collection.
    Wanted: TIE Pilots- ESB-C Baggie/ Rare Foreign MOCs/Prototypes
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    Wow, amazing collection of a great figure character.

    Thanks for sharing.


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    That's quite a cabinet you got there Bill. Awesome stuff!!! thanks for the share.
    I may lack a witty signature here but my opinions are legendary.

    *** Looking for any Preproduction R2-D2 items... PMs are welcome ***

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    Awesome Luke Jedi collection. A collection like this deserves a proper display, just like the one you made. Thanks for sharing these beauties.
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