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Thread: DT Luke in SW-D baggie?

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    DT Luke in SW-D baggie?

    Hi to everyone!
    Iīm new to this forum and want to introduce myself.
    My Name is Daniel and Iīm from Germany. Iīm collecting vintage Star Wars toys now for roundabout eleven years. Iīm foccussed in MOCīs on their first release cardback and MISB vehicles.
    Why I joined this forum is because I got an Early Bird Kit mailer set which I need some help with.
    The set is awesome in shape. All figures are bagged and all the paperwork is present except the send-away part.
    The baggies are as follows: Leia in SW-A, Chewie in SW-B and R2 in SW-A. Correct so far.
    Now to my question: The DT Luke is in a heat sealed SW-D baggie. I canīt see any signs of reproduction or resealing. Itīs a correct SW-D baggie without a doubt.
    I looked up the AFA population report, but found no graded SW-D DT Luke so far. Although I canīt find anything about it in the internet. Some say it might exist, but no one saw one until now!
    Can anyone confirm a DT Luke in SW-D baggie?
    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Wow that's really interesting if true. Are you sure this Luke is from the EB kit? I am surprised a bag as late as a D baggie was used in the early birds since they were...well....early. My EB DT luke is in an A baggie. Heck, my Boba Fett mailer is in a B baggie! I think later Boba fett mailers transitioned to SW-D baggies so timeline wise we're looking at SW-D bags used during the 21-back era. But there were lots of other ways to get a bagged figure in other mailers and catalog offers. I could see that it would be possilbe that some left over DT sabers were used later in other mailers and then this EB set was created piecemeal.

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    I recall bringing up this very question re a SW-B DT Luke a while back re an EB set that was being sold on evilBay.

    Apparently, Luke DTs do exist in SW-D baggies (Shawn's excellent website confirms this which is backed up by Tom Derby), however, that baggie looks wide for a SW-D bag (especially in the 2nd picture) plus the figure's COO looks to be 3 line HK where IIRC it is a widely held view that bagged DT Lukes should 2 line HK and that the 3 line HK version were found MOC.

    Of course there's every possibility that a late run of 3 line HK DT Lukes were bagged up in SW-D bags but were they included in EB sets.....??? Dunno is the simple answer.

    Always great to see EB items - please post pictures of the rest of the set

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    Thanks for the advices so far. I also heard about it, that 3 line coo dt lukes came carded in all known cases not bagged. Also the hint with the width of the SW-D baggie was a good one. I compared the Luke baggie with a R2 D-baggie I also own and it was 0,7mm wider. The saber has no letter on hilt and only one marking point on top, also the circles are missing everybodys talking about. Donīt too familiar with DT sabers, but it looks curious. I decided to send the whole set back to the owner and finally got my money back. Too hot for me, in case AFA declines this one:-) Anyway, here are some pics of the set.

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