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Thread: feedback for toyman941

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    feedback for toyman941

    thanks for selling or trading with me, please leave feedback for other to see..

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    Someone had to go first, and I'm glad I did!

    Kevin and I traded weapons. Since he was the newer member I asked him ship first and I'd ship after receipt. He was agreeable, polite and quick with PMs. A few days later my weapons showed up (even with the USPS never scanning the tracking number for some bizarre reason that wasn't Kevin's fault obviously). Everything was perfect, and I sent my stuff to him!

    Good start dude, keep it up!
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    P.S. I'm glad you didn't get your toy - Baytrooper
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    I just completed a very smooth transaction with Kevin. Great communication, fast payment and an overall excellent experience.

    Looking forward to the next one!

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    Had a great and smooth transaction with Kevin. He also kept track of the shipment. Thanks!


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    great guy to deal with...instant payment and great communication

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    Sold Kevin a Rancor, Wampa, and Warok figure. Easy, smooth sale. Thanks so much! ^_^
    Forum transactional feedback thread.

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    Great Buyer. Smooth Transaction.

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    excellent seller A+
    *Pray. For. Mo-Jo.*

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    Great guy to deal with , fast payment and great communication ... thanks

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    Just completed a sale to Kevin.

    Very fast with payment, excellent communication, definitely a great guy to deal with.

    Thank you my friend!


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