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Thread: God save the Emperor - A Royal Guard prototype limelight

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    woww outstanding and awesome to see,thx for sharing

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    Another great run Mattias. Love the 3-D stuff. That stress test piece is very cool!, but I'm kinda partial to those pieces now... Cheers.

    Looking for ESB era First Shots - I have great trade items.

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    Really great stuff Mattias. Thanks for sharing photos here, but would love to see your entire collection irl one day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HWR View Post
    ....would love to see your entire collection irl one day.
    Sorry but Mattias doesn't allow beer drinking in the chirpa dungeon...

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    thumbs up mattias!
    Always looking for:
    vintage BESpin Security Guard White items esp. proofs/cromalins
    potf2 Lando skiff and jawa prototypes.

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    Really nice display! Museum worthy. :-) Do yo have a Luke X-wing focus as well? Researching I came over an old tread were you expressed you'd started a focus.
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    Great run Mattias. The ERG is also one of my favourite characters. Thanks for sharing

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    Very cool. Nice to see. Now you need is the Mock Up POTF carded

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    Meh..needs more Ewok.

    Awesome run Mattias, some exceptional items there - the POTF mock up card is great but I also like the weapon blueprint too.
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