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Thread: Walgreens

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    The latest figure I found at Walgreens was the Imperial Patrol Trooper. That was the only one of note. This was at a Walgreens that was remodeled out of a Rite Aid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kooshmeister View Post
    Crumbs. No, I don't.
    You could try signing up and then attempting a refund for the difference. I only signed up because they have all my info anyway since we use Walgreens as our pharmacy. The points also can add up quickly -- I've redeemed $5 toward full-priced figures in the past.

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    Other than the great exclusive Veers 6" figure that I got @ Walgreens last Fall, I haven't seen anything of note there the few times I've gone since. One of them had Veers & a ton of C3-PO's, and that was it. Boring.

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    Trying to make the most of this bevy of 3PO's

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    My local Walgreens no longer has the 14 month 4 shelf warmers that were there last week.

    I wonder if they are 'making room' for the new Obi Wan exclusive?

    They also had one side of the toy aisle cleared with pieces of paper with maps noting what product would occupy each shelf, and while they did have Hasbro items, nothing that was obviously Star Wars related.


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    I went to the only Walgreens I found ghost Obi-Wan in. Guess what? They still have six of those! They also had one Veers and behind him, was a Cassian Jedha. Wow!
    Naughtiest lines in Star Wars:
    You came in that thing?! You're braver than I thought!
    Luke, at that speed will we be able to pull out in time?
    Back door huh? Good idea.

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    Yesterday I decided to check three stores on my way home. Found a couple ghost Kenobis, 2 General Veers, and one Lando Skiff guard for eight bucks which I grabbed with a quickness!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kooshmeister View Post
    Crumbs. No, I don't.
    If I remember correctly, Walgreens Rewards is a free program (like at grocery stores, where you get a plastic rewards "credit card" and a smaller plastic keychain card).
    Very quick signing up for also, you can sign up at register and I didn't check but most likely you can sign up online.
    I think they just take name, address and phone number.
    Just FYI.

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    OMG!! I went to my local Walgreens today, and ... they had replenished the shelves with a fresh batch of ... SOLO figures!!

    Pretty exciting to finally get figures released 18 months ago!!

    (*extreme sarcasm)

    They had young Han, Lando, Qi Ra, Beckett, Val and Bespin Han.

    I'm now curious if they actually had the newest wave at all?

    And of course, am waiting for the Clone Commander Kenobi.

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