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Thread: My Collection - full collection pics

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    Cool My Collection - full collection pics

    Hey All

    I posted this limelight on FB and thought I do so here as well since this is where I first started on social media. First off, thanks to all that have helped me through along the way to put together what I have now. There are so many of you that I need to and should thank - I just don't know where to start. So if you see something familiar the pics, please know that I am very grateful to you for so graciously allowing me to add a piece of what you had owned to my collection. Its been a quite a ride.

    My place is not big and I only have my study to put my toys. So please pardon the display (or lack thereof).

    Alright, here goes:-

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    Absolutely amazing collection!!! I love the Beautiful 3 packs.

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    So many rare pieces....unceremoniously burrnsssss!!!!

    Love it Mark. Gotta say if I could steal a shelf, it would be the Canadian one.

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    And I'm sorry, but is that a sealed EB certificate on the floor?

    Do you use 12 back proofs as wallpaper?
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    Those who don't step up, lemon juice in their nose -jedibabu.

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    Absolutely insane. Great collection.
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    Amazing stuff! One of the top 5 production collections out there, no doubt! Especially love the foreign stuff. (Droling on a certain Harbert
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    This is my new favorite thread. Amazing collection.
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    I love the sealed early bird certificate on the floor.

    It' like "Eh...I already have 2 prominently displayed on the shelf and a few others on the shelf too..."

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    I'm having trouble getting my jaw off the floor. Nice collection brother.
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