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Thread: Other 6" Star Wars Lines

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    Other 6" Star Wars Lines

    Since people are talking about the upcoming Revoltech all over the place, here's a thread to discuss all other 6" figures in one place.

    Rebelscum have posted a few pictures of some of the Revoltech prototypes, will these be making their way into your collection?

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    Honestly I'm not liking much of what I am seeing so far. But if they do clones and clone commanders then I will have a look. Plus price point will be a factor.

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    I don't really like Revoltech figures that much. I've bought a few, but I find the ratchet joint system to be a surprising hindrance for posing. It tends to make it almost impossible to get a nice symmetrical neutral pose out of the figures I've played with. I'm also not that much a fan of the stylistic look they give most characters. Just my personal tastes I suppose. The other 6" Japanese figures, like Mafex, and Figuarts look promising though. I'm definitely keeping my eyes on those, especially the Figuarts. I have quite a few figures from Bandai Tamashii Nations, and they all rock.

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    Medicom Stormtrooper. Any eagle-eyed Stormtrooper experts have any notes on the sculpt?

    Medicom MAFEX Stormtrooper and Catwoman |

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    Looks better than the swb one, which is way too slender.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bolingbroke View Post
    Looks better than the swb one, which is way too slender.
    The scale is a little off though - rumor has it that it's around 6.3 inches, which makes him a little too tall.
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    Armor looks pretty good. Helmet not so much. Sculpt is off a bit. Looks like they went for the ROTJ look. Mouth isn't supposed to be blue. But I'd say that sculpt is way better than Sideshow's ST. The best and most accurate Stormtrooper helmet sculpt is still Gentle Giant's Mini Busts.

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    I actually really like the helmet on the MAFEX figure. Looks like an ROTJ Stormtrooper. I don't know if I'll get it, but it does look good.

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    Preorder is up on for the Mafex Stormtrooper. It's roughly $36 USD. EMS shipping is probably around the $12-$16 mark, so if you were wanting multiples amiami (or or are good choices to get good prices and save on shipping.

    Mafex Stormtrooper

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    Yes, the helmet is evocative of the ROTJ one. Looks decent, though. The ab buttons are mounted too high and should have been just above or partially covered by the belt. The hand plates look a lot like those from ESB or ROTJ. The Black Series E-11 looks a lot better that the Mafex one, for sure.

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