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Thread: Imperial Troop Transport

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    Maybe I'll buy one when they make it a lot bigger and functional, its just too cheesy and pathetic.

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    It sounds like I'm one of the few fans out there that actually likes this ITT vehicle. Great toy, and I don't mind the lack of wheels whatsoever.

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    I really want this one, and it is available to me for $34 plus $10 shipping. Not sure if it is worth it though. I do love the multifig ships for sure!

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    You can get one on Ebay from freemantoys for $34 with free shipping, and there's a two-pack with this and the Inquisitor's Tie Fighter on BBTS for $46. I've been eyeing this one for a while too, I think I may snag some republic stickers on ebay to slap onto it and fill it with clones.

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    Managed to get one brand new and sealed from ebay UK for a reasonable 19.99 delivered just after Christmas. Unpacked it yesterday and put all the stickers on.

    I like it. I used to have the Kenner one so this brings back good memories but of course it's a different toy. I like the hinged top and access to the "inside", and the missile launchers. Loving the Rebelscum updated photo archive with the Rebels figures as prisoners haha!

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    This one is on my list but the prices are still high. I have been collecting rebels but only the ones that have rebels on the package. I'm a vintage collector however, my son and I are doing this together.
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