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Thread: Imperial Troop Transport

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    How much will this cost?
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    I liked the original better.

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    Available Jan'15

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    it is so cool they brought that back. I never thought something that kenner invented like that would be in a star wars tv show, let alone Hasbro make a new modern version of it. I don't normally collect the ground vehicles, only starfighters, but I'll have to make an exception for this.

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    January, right in time for the Christmas rush
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    Wow!! I really, really, REALLY like this! Face it! The updates were definitely needed to make this oddball exciting enough to be in a show and I think it looks pretty dang sweet. The way it appears to open up intrigues me, too. (See the presentation image.) And at $25... the price is right. I'm really excited about this piece. Wish it was launching closer to the show's premiere... Also wish this wasn't THE ONLY thing I had to be excited about. But hey, this is the coolest toy in a long time in my book.
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    Really disappointed in how underscaled this is. It looks to be a good bit smaller than the vintage vehicle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GNT View Post
    Picture of it opened, looks really good and has some play value as well, not passing this one up:
    Please tell me that those are really tall Stormtroopers and that the transport isn't ridiculously under-sized. Seriously, Hasbro? This was about the ONLY thing at SDCC that interested me or didn't inspire nausea.
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    Very disappointing how small this is. And they couldn't even work out a way to have cockpit doors. That opening roof is bizarre to me.

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