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Thread: Luke Skywalker - Jedi Knight - SL10 (Rebels Packaging)

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    Not a huge fan of cloth. Tried the endor battle pack poncho on him and it does look pretty good but I don't like how it bunches up around his neck. I think my preference to non soft goods is due to me being big into potf2 when they came out. These guys are slowing replacing those figures for me.
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    Yeah, I've seen this. And no, I'm not buying it. Remember the nightmare we went through with the TVC versions of this one? I think there were 2, right? And I got them both. I never need to buy this figure again. But for those of you who are, enjoy.

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    I never need to buy any figure. I choose to buy this guy. Best head sculpt and flap down. Enough for me.
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    Got mine right where he belongs!

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    This new ROTJ Luke might sport the best likeness yet on a movie character in the Legends line.

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    I have a feeling Han bespin and the new Yoda might compete for that title.
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    It's definitely appropriate to use a Sebastian Shaw figure if we're going back to 5 POA.
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    Got mine right where he belongs!

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    Probably the best 5POA figure we've gotten yet this year. This was never a character variation that was necessarily on my list - I've been very happy with the deleted scene TVC Jedi Luke with a head swap with a broken Endor Capture - but I had to have it when I saw it. Great figure.

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    I finally found this figure and I love it. I only wish the flap was up. Think about it: this figure with flap up with the option of a cloth vest, cloth cape, and cloth Endor poncho.

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