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Thread: Star Wars Oriental Style - Japanese Popy

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    Star Wars Oriental Style - Japanese Popy

    On the 15th October 2013 James (Fuzzybuzzytoys) instigated the collection you see below.
    In listing a nice Luke FB Popy he started me on the road to Popy that I never anticipated being able to complete so quickly.
    When I checked back the PayPal payment I was surprised to see it was only 9 months ago, its felt like at least double that

    Anyway enough talking for now!

    Box Front

    Box Back

    Box Side

    Box Angle

    Box Angle

    Group Shot with baggies and catalogues

    Individual Pics

    S1 Boba S2 Vader S3 R2D2 S4 C3PO

    S5 Luke Bespin S6 Han Hoth S7 Chewie S8 Luke FB

    S9 Han S10 Hoth Stormie S11 DSD S12 Hoth Soldier

    S13 Luke Xwing S14 R5D4 S15 Stormie

    I think I have been lucky to be able to complete this run in the time that I have done it in. The overall condition of the Popys is excellent. The only one in real need of an upgrade is the R5D4. Apart from him Im very happy with the rest of the set.
    The eagle eyed Popy enthusiast amongst you will notice 2 of SW catalogues are missing and the message that comes with the R5D4. I have one of the SW catalogues on the way and I am always looking for an upgrade for the R5 so If anyone sees one please let me know

    In relation to the baggies all are sealed with the exception of Vader (seal came undone when I was first looking at him , Luke and Han (seal came away in transit to me). The Boba baggie could do with an upgrade as it has a few slits and Boba has some discolouration. As far as Im aware all the baggies are correct for the Popy release, however Im open to correction.... Frank

    As you can guess I absolutely LOVE popys, the packaging, baggies, little catalogues, the presentation as a whole really appeals to me. You really have to wonder though about the selection of what characters they decided to release; No Leia or Yoda?, 3 x Lukes, 2 x Han. I would also question the inclusion of the Hoth Rebel Soldier???

    I know there are a few other Popy addicts out there so I hope you enjoy, along with anyone else who happens to take a look.
    A BIG special thanks goes to Jeff (CorporateSlave) for not only being an absolute gent to deal with but also for giving me the most ridiculously favorable trade in history part of which is the fantastic C-3PO pictured above.

    As some of you may know my focus is on all Japanese SW released items. However I only want to display them as I complete them. So I will probably use this thread for other runs as I complete them, keep an eye out for Takara, Zetca and Tsukuda to come..... in time

    Thanks for looking!
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    Big congrats on completing this set! I have always had a soft spot for the Popy figures.
    Wanted: Jawa sample proofs,a textured cape Leia, and any Boushh proofs. I'm also currently looking for a 21 ESB back Leia Organa proof. I have cash and many great trade items!
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    Just beautiful Yogi..!! Has anyone ever done acrylic cases to protect these??

    Im hanging out to see your Takara items......


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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewb View Post
    Just beautiful Yogi..!! Has anyone ever done acrylic cases to protect these??

    Im hanging out to see your Takara items......

    Christian at GW Acrylic does cases for the Popys and they are great. I have two of them and I am really pleased.

    Email him at

    Looking for Darth Vader items from all around the world.
    Vader Vintage Collection
    Vader Bootleg Collection

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    Thanks Pat - I'll check it out..

    All the best,
    Andrew B

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    Wow! That's an awesome run! Love the pictures. Congrats:-)
    WTB: Foreign MOCs - Meccano, Harbert, PBP/Poch, Lili Ledy, Glasslite, Top Toys
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    Absolutely amazing! This is a collection that I'd love to work on one of these days.

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    Are these those hollow doggie chew-toys? I have a bunch of Ultraman, GranSazer, and even Super Sentai figures in that style.

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    Beautiful collection. get them cased up.
    I have a set but they are not in sealed baggies...
    So the Luke and Vader came with SW A's and the rest with ESB C's? Is the Fett bag type correct as well?
    Would have been nice to have the first 21 and at least the first wave of ESB plus Yoda done like this.
    The whole ESB set would be perfect.
    I saw a custom box made up somewhere, anyone remember who might have one?

    Again great set, best of luck tracking down the missing booklets.

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    1Nice figures!!
    I'm looking for vintage weapons and a Wampa MIB!!!!
    Vintage Star Wars Commercials:

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