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Thread: porkinsred6 - first packaging focus (UPDATE Nov 2015)

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    Great collection! Thanks for sharing it!
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    Thanks for all the support everyone.

    Joining RS and posting this limelight have really helped give my collection a focus. There have been a few things that I've passed up because it doesn't fit in this thread. It really helps keeping my collection lean and my bank account positive.

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    bump with new picture

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    great new pickup and update
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    Quote Originally Posted by porkinsred6 View Post
    Hi All,

    I'm a new member to RS but a long time collector. I thought I would share with you some pics of my first packaging focus. Most of it is AFA graded and everything that is is either AFA 85 or 90. I'm lucky to have picked most of this stuff up in the late 90's early 2000's when it was much cheaper than it is today.

    Here are my 2 Early bird certificates - one opened, one still sealed.

    First the sealed one :

    It would be boring to show the opened one too, so here's a pic of the stand that was inside:

    Early bird with DT Luke that was received from the open certificate:

    My 12-backs + Boba, yoda, emperor and ackbar

    And finally the Action Display Stand mailer

    Update Oct 29 2014

    I see other people's limelight have a nice close up views of their MOCs all in a row so I tried to do that as well.

    I swapped out Ackbar for Lando

    Here are some new additions to my collection:

    Boba fett mailer with a really nice box. Baggie is SW-D and a large catalog.

    I also have this pair of die cast vehicles.
    X-Wing Series I and Vader's TIE Series II which are both first packaging.
    I normally don't get yellow bubbles but you'll notice that these two figures have the same store's price tag and clearance stickers with the same retailer's reference ID so they have been together all these years. I couldn't split them up.

    Finally, I started to get some loose figures for my kids to play with one day. They aren't mint but they are complete with non-repo accessories.

    Update Nov 2015

    It's been a year since my last update. I got the sealed EB certificate and EB display stand graded and also picked up a nice 12 back display header. Here are all my sealed 12 back related figures plus Boba all together in one group picture

    thank you for sharing and it looks so great. Your lime light with all the AFA pieces gives me inspiration as I too have just about everything AFA graded or will be, that is in my collection. Thank you again

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    Alright let's bump this! I haven't shared anything I've purchased in 4 years! I've been filling out my collection. I think it's safe to say I have nearly every kenner production item from 77-79.

    Here's something I recently sent to CAS to get a custom case for: An unused sears cantina. I already have a Q-graded AFA one and it's nice, but I wanted to see everything inside so I got another one and sent it to CAS to case it up like this so I can see the bagged figures and cardboard backdrop. I think it came out great!

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    Porkins,that is an awesome way to display that cantina! Cas does do some nice custom cases! Great collection you have going! K

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    Dude, that's awsome ! (Pardon the surfer expression )

    Wonderful display.
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    Thanks everyone. I couldn't have done it without the great people I met here.

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    As much as I love the early bird pieces and header.... that Cantina set is just striking. That's gotta be bigger than my 8 year old! Absolutely love it, great piece.

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