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Thread: FT: 41 and 79 Back Stormtrooper, Takara Roadblock

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    FT: 41 and 79 Back Stormtrooper, Takara Roadblock

    My "FS/FT" List:
    Please shoot me a PM if you are interested in any of the following items. Let me know if you would like any additional photos or information, I'm more than happy to send it. I try to be as informative as I can be in my descriptions. I will ship all carded figures in a star case.

    I'm looking to trade for carded TIE Pilots or other items on my "Want to Buy" list.

    Current Trades Available:


    79 Back-B Stormtrooper, AFA 85 - Sold for $150.00
    This has been sub graded C85 B85 F85, but unfortunately the bottom of the bubble has developed a crack since being graded. Still displays beautifully.

    41 Back Stormtrooper - Sold for $120.00
    This 41 back has the obvious crease on the upper left of the card, a small crease in lower right corner of the card, some minor edge wear and blemishes on card. The bubble has a small dent in the upper left corner and a slight lift in the very bottom.

    20 Back Stormtrooper - Traded for 12 Back Luke
    This 20 back has some veining around the punch, a vertical crease on the right side of the card, a fairly dented lower right corner of card, slight sticker residue, general edge wear, dent in the bottom of the bubble, and a slight dent on top right of bubble. Other than that, the seal is good and the bubble is clear.

    48 back C3PO w/ Removable Limbs - Traded for Takara RC R2D2
    Card is in pretty nice condition and unpunched. It has two small veins on the sides of the punch and obvious sticker damage. Bubble is clear with dent in lower left corner and no cracks.

    Bespin Security Guard Revenge Proof -Traded for Takara RC R2D2
    Has crease in upper left corner, which is visible on both sides in photos. Small bend in lower right corner and slight wear around edges. Still an excellent display piece.

    65 back General Madine - Traded for Takara RC R2D2
    I know, I know... it's one of the most common figures out there, but someone might want it. Card is in pretty decent shape. It has some slight veins in the upper left, they are hard to see. The edges show some wear, which can be seen in the photos. The bubble is yellow, but has no dents or cracks. His staff has come loose from the tape.

    77 back B-Wing Pilot, 65 back Admiral Ackbar, 65 back Stormtrooper - Sold for $40.00
    "Beater" cards sold to someone who will appreciate them as is and keep them from the dreaded U-grader.
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    Stormtroopers still available to trade.

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