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Thread: EFX Biker Scout release has been announced

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    EFX Biker Scout release has been announced

    I have a baby on the way so I may have to skip this one. Oh well at least I have the new trilogy props to look forward to.

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    Theres a few collectors been waiting for this - Im hanging out for the Y-Wing....

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    Thank God for that, finally a sign of life!

    I'll be getting this for sure.

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    No more legend?
    The Force Is Strong With This One

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    Very nice!

    Collecting has the permanence of herpes, it mutates, but doesn't go away

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    Great piece! For some reason I was thinking it would be in the $549-599 range, if only because of the clean finish and fear markings. Nonetheless, I'm in 100%!

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    I guess the Legend version didn't make it?

    I will however still get one of these.

    Looks nice.
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    Great to see this finally being released. I hope to god that efx make an announcement to let us know if the weathered legend edition is cancelled though. I don't want to order this and then see the Legend advert show up after I've just received the limited version!

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    I really really want this. But the price is,.... WOW! I sure was hoping it was USD599. Decisions,.... decisions,....

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