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Thread: EFX Biker Scout release has been announced

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    Years ago I predicted that eFX would start selling Limited Editions at Legend prices. We're not there yet but we're another $100 closer. Who called it? This guy
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    Gotta say, I'm surprised this has gone up before the ANH hero stormtrooper helmet. I really want both, but the price has me reconsidering this one since it is my second preferred.

    Oh.... Who am I kidding? I'm in!

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    Wouldn't you know it. Wait absolute ages for this and they release the pre-order in the only week I'm away on holiday this year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stealth_Cylon View Post
    Looks like EFX changed their logo.
    I don't like it either. The previous version looked nicer but I do see that they are trying to incorporate their relation to films in the new logo.

    As for the helmet. I'm not a bucket collector, so it's not for me. I must admit that it's a nice looking helmet, but that price is a bit shocking. I'm sure it won't matter to those who have been waiting for this for some time now. Good luck everyone!

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    They priced me out of it. At $499 I would've done it. Maybe $549. No way at $699.

    Ah well...
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    Yeah, the price knocked the wind out of me. I was expecting the $500 range. I don't think I can justify it anymore.

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    I'm on the fence, at 5 it would have been a definite buy. I guess I have a couple weeks to think about it either way.

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    Will it be available via the eFX website only?

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    Wow $700 is a lot. Once I factor in shipping tax and customs for UK this will be well over 550 for me ($940+). I paid less than that for my efx Vader LE (and my MR ROTS LE for that matter) and that can't be right surely? Looks nice but this is an easy pass for me. Good luck to everyone who is in for this one though!

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