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Thread: Millennium Falcon - "Hero Series"

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    The weird thing is why did they make the X-Wing the same size. This should have been the size it is and the X-Wing a lot smaller. The vehicle line has quite seriously turned into a train wreck. I can't even imagine kids being into a line with this degree of inconsistency.

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    I don't really get the marketing strategy behind those big hollow vehicles (X-Wing and now Falcon)? Very little play value besides actually flying tht gigantic vehicle from one room to another. Oh well, i guess that's gonna help save funds for recently or forthcoming annouced new lines.

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    I can't imagine kids wanting a ship that you can't open up and put pilots/passengers in...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael_Knight View Post
    So the rumored large vehicle was a new Falcon after all and a much duller one at that. My interest is about 2%, meaning I just want the radar dish since it looks to possibly be bigger than the underscaled one from the Legacy Falcon. So if anyone is planning on getting this to do a post attack on the Death Star 2 version of the Falcon and doesn't need the radar dish I will gladly take it off your hands. If not I will keep my fingers crossed Hasbro places a parts order for it on their website.Giant "Role Play" Millennium Falcon Coming This Fall! - Star Wars Action Figures, Collectibles, and Movies News
    Looks like the quad cannon is much more accurate as well. If it has 2 cannons, and they and the dish can be interchanged with Legacy BMF, I'd bite if it's 30 dollars.

    This could be swappers paradise.

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    Scratch that idea. Just saw where big X wing is running 45 dollars, a little steep for guns and dish. Hoping for those replacement parts, but I think even Hasbro will see beyond blowing that potential goldmine.

    Let loose the swappers.

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    Sorry for triple post guys, but compared this to my BMF and it looks like the circumference has been thinned down making the whole ship more screen accurate, but it seems to have no landing gear meaning one cannon is a given.

    This has warped my mind. Do I buy this and attach BMF landing gear? Buy it and transport dish and cannon? Go to a hypnotist and erase its existance from my memory?

    My head hurts.

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    For someone who really enjoys customizing, it might be fun to open it up and build the interior from scratch if the price is right. Way beyond my abilities though. It might be nice to hang from the ceiling in a young kids Star Wars themed room too.

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    I have a feeling this will either be in the same $39.99 price range as the X-wing or just slightly more expensive at $49.99. Either way, that's still pretty damn cheap for what you're getting. It'll look great mounted on a wall!

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    Wall mounting is an excellent idea. I'm already finding the perfect spot in case this thing ends up looking good. My painting skils aren't great but I've found weathering isn't too hard and it could make this thing a winner.

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    This one actually looks pretty good for what it is. Reminds me of the Action Collection vehicles from 1996, sans electronics.
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    Back door huh? Good idea.

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