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Thread: The cabinet.

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    I come from a land DownUnder!!

    The cabinet.

    Hello, thanks for taking the time to view my collection.
    Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way,
    add to my focus.
    This is my display cabinet filled with vintage goodness.
    Im always looking to add to it.
    I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

    Top shelf loose figures are lettered lightsabers
    Next 2 shelves have coo loose figures

    The cabinet

    The Army
    My favourite shelf

    Some closeups

    Kenner first shot head on a custom clear torso, next to child hood figure

    Paint error x3
    -No paint at all
    -No red paint
    -No white paint

    Taiwan only coo

    Thanks for looking

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    Wow, very sweet Dark Lord focus! Everything is beautifully displayed!!
    Wanted: Jawa sample proofs,a textured cape Leia, and any Boushh proofs. I'm also currently looking for a 21 ESB back Leia Organa proof. I have cash and many great trade items!
    My Feedback:

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    Looks great Oscar,the runs coming a long nicely.Congrats bud.
    WTB:Ugnaught ESB 45 Back proof & POTF Cromalin.
    Always interested in buying first Shots,Proofs,Cromalins & Miscards of different characters.

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    Thats a lot of vader....very nice display. Love the way you added the first shot to the clear custom.

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    Wow, now I want a Vader focus! Totally awesome collection!
    When your face is a prune, action goes BOOM! PRUNEFACE! PRUNEFACE!

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    So awesome! Amazing collection. You need a few rows of Imperial Gunners on your army shelf though

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    Wow, that's a lot of Vaders! Awesome collection and display!
    Feedback Thread:
    My Collection:
    "She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid."

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    Beautiful display Oscar. The FS head on the clear torso is very well done! Excellent idea - love it.

    Looking for ESB era First Shots - I have great trade items.

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    WOW! I JUST DIED AND WENT TO VADER HEAVEN......... sweet collection!
    continuing the vintage custom at a time!

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    It's Vader Time. Very cool Darth Vader and Imperial collection and beautifully display as well. Thank's for sharing.

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