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Thread: AT-DP Pilot - SL14

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    AT-DP Pilot - SL14

    Here's the Saga Legends AT-DP Pilot from the Animated Rebels show:

    Who's going to be picking this figure up?

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    Depending on how the figure looks in person, I may get one or two for custom projects.
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    I'll get one. I have a shelf of helmeted imperials and he'll fit nicely standing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Masterfett View Post
    Depending on how the figure looks in person, I may get one or two for custom projects.
    I'm thinking about doing the same thing.
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    I like this new type of armored Imperial trooper. And it appears that he'll blend in well enough with the rest so yeah I look forward to this one.

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    I like the design, if not the articulation.
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    Liking it!
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    That will never not sound really, REALLY...odd.

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    Like the design of this figure as well, but don't like the lack of articulation - it's POTF2-style; that was alright 20 years ago, but these days I expect something more...

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