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Thread: AT-DP Pilot - SL14

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glitch View Post

    That will never not sound really, REALLY...odd.
    AT-DP could stand for a lot of things...

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    Creepy looking, but cool.
    Loving Disney and all things Danish and Japanese!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GNT View Post

    For those customizers out there who want an SA verson of this, look no farther than the TAC McQuarrie concept snowtrooper:; Star Wars Toy News Archive

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    Looks like a great figure - gonna pick this up!


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    put me down for a small squad of 4-6 depending... I want at least 2-3 of the AT-DP so I'll need at least pilots for those.
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    Cool design. I hope they tone down the pastel blue on the figure to more closely resemble the charcoal grey of the show though.

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    I really like the aesthetics of this figure/character. In the seven minute clip of Rebel though, they were seen on speeder bikes a fair amount.
    Loving Disney and all things Danish and Japanese!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oddball_Fett View Post
    I like the design, if not the articulation.

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    I was browsing through the 30th Anniversary line and I swear the Rebels AT-DP figures body looks almost the same as the McQuarrie Rebel fleet trooper a little bit

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    Eh are these the guys riding speeder bikes too ?

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