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Thread: Jedi Temple Guard - SL17

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    Jedi Temple Guard - SL17

    Looks like we'll be seeing a Saga Legends figures Jedi Temple Guard from the Animated Clone Wars show:

    Who's going to be picking this figure up?

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    I most likely will, especially if it fits well with my animated Clone Wars figures!

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    May get two or so, guess these figures wont ever see fully articulated phases, least not for a few years if ever. I still buy the Kenner SOTE Imperial Guards and EU Sentinels so they'll fit right in. Royals Guards , you're better off buying the ROTS figures.

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    They are sentries, so it's not as if they require a full range of motion to stand at attention, right? Right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by RhyYees View Post
    They are sentries, so it's not as if they require a full range of motion to stand at attention, right? Right?
    Right. Not that we'll have much choice.
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    Looking forward to this figure!

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    'Bout time. These guys are too awesome to not have a figure.
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    Well it totally depends on how the figure turns out, if it gets sloppy paint like all the others. Prolly not! However, I may buy a few just for that standing guard look. But I truly hope they make an SA version too, for other needs.
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    I guess someone at Hasbro reads our comments, and then someone higher up only allows 5POA figures. I *need* that SA Rex as well. At the moment I couldn't care less about the Jedi temple guard, and do wish he got the SA treatment.

    I wonder if the Clone Wars guys will buy this?
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    I will be.
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