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Thread: Disney Store Diecast Star Wars Vehicles

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    Disney Store Diecast Star Wars Vehicles

    Among the Disney Store Star Wars exclusive product revealed yesterday at a press event was a line of diecast metal vehicles! I fondly remember the old line from back when I was a kid in the late seventies. Like those old toys these new ones feature cockpits that open, S-foils that can be deployed for attack and other nifty play features. No pricing yet but the details and size are pretty impressive. Pictures of the unpainted prototypes can be found here ... (scroll down the page)

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    Lol - we had the same idea at the same time Rev !

    Do you think they're same scale as EM Trek ships or the old Code 3 sculpts ?
    formerly Boris :shame:

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    Thanks for the links, guys! Very interesting, I like the X-Wing in particular. If they do capital ships, I'll definitely be tempted.
    Hmmm Boris, I'm thinking they look close to AF/TS Ultra scale, maybe a smidge smaller in some cases.

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    Hah! Looks like we were posting at the same time.

    The photographs of the prototypes sitting on a surface next to the new 18 inch figures suggest they are surprisingly large - more in the Code 3 range than EM I think. What do you make of them?

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    Another synchronized post! I'm beaten to it again! LOL.

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    Very interesting to see. I saw the X-wing and thought it was a Z-95, with how the wings were displayed.

    Speaking of the X-wings, which do you guys prefer.. the original ones that had open wings only, or the ones with the movable wings? I loved the original, didn't care for the movable wings. They seemed too flimsy to me. If they're coming out with new die-cast ships it looks like we'll be seeing the movable wings again.

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    You mean the titaniums? Opening/closing wings for sure. Yes the wings move in closed mode, but the vehicle itself is so much more detailed it's not even close.

    The new diecast ships look good, except for the wonky wing on the X-wing. I'd agree with DD too, I'm thinking AF size, perhaps slightly smaller.
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    It's funny looking at these, I can't help but spot a lot of similarities to AF. The Slave I looks dead on for the AF version. And the Snowspeeder has that narrow canopy like the AF. Sad, but I doubt these will debut around the $20-30 range. Still, if I've got the cabinet space and the clams, I'll grab some of them. (Hope they get the side blaster cannons reversed on the AT-AT though).

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    I'd rather they made Micro Machines. While these vehicles do look nice (indeed the Slave 1 and Snowspeeder look like they are closely based on the original AF base sculpt), I will never grasp why they'd make them Die-Cast. Okay, we all grew up on toy cars, but these are quite a bit bigger. IMO, plastic vehicles have more playability because their color doesn't scratch off as easily- it's also my theory as to why the vintage Micro Collection didn't work out and why Galoob's lines

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    Looking at them compared to the figures they're next to they're definitely AF size. I'm so happy, I was getting tired of making up excuses to go in Disney Stores They do seem to be going for everything OT now as if the PT never happened. I wonder if they'll be giving the same treatment to their Rebels ships ?
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