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Thread: Disney Store Diecast Star Wars Vehicles

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    Very nice Squidgey, I admire your determination to get one. I actually prefer this as a design to Kylo's shuttle if I'm honest. Still crossing my fingers these make it to retail
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    Looks great! I know it's a FO think, but honestly looks much more at home in the GCW era given the Rogue One shuttle nose.
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    Wowzers, you're killin' it this month, cheers for the pics, Squidge! Totally agree with the comments above and definitely want one!

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    It does look like a cross between the RO shuttle and FO advancements seen in Kylo's shuttle and fighter. After these pictures, I'm liking the design far more - might have to pick this one up. Looking forward to more pictures of that Resistance transport as well, as it my favorite of the bunch. I'm surprised these aren't flooding the secondary market - perhaps scalpers on ebay think $15 a pop is high enough and people wont pay much more?

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    I never see any of these listed on eBay. Do they sell so fast I miss them?! Oh's hoping consumers will be able to get them from the Disney website.

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