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Thread: My X-Wing Focus and other Vintage stuff

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    My X-Wing Focus and other Vintage stuff

    I started with SW when playing with it in the 80`s, but i really started six years ago. I collect X-Wing and LXW as my main focus, but i also collect POTF and canadian items.
    Here are the first pics of my X-Wing focus:

    Every X-Wing needs a pilot. Here they are and some other stuff.
    My personal highlights are the canadian Lukeīs and a Luke with a Stormtrooper rifle.
    I really love the Canadian ESB boxes!
    Under the POTF MOCīs you will find another hobby: Scotch Whisky

    The POTF pic is not the best, but you know the figures.
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    Wow, cool focus and an awesome collection! I've always had much love for the X-wing.
    Wanted: Jawa sample proofs,a textured cape Leia, and any Boushh proofs. I'm also currently looking for a 21 ESB back Leia Organa proof. I have cash and many great trade items!
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    That lineup of X-Wings looks fantastic. I LOVE that Italian box! Now can we see your X-Wing Pilots, too?!
    -Pat Pscherer
    Looking for vintage Luke X-Wing Pilot items!

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    Stunning collection man...
    Some where in the Outer Rim Territories...

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    This has to be the most X-Wings I've ever seen in one photo. Fantastic!

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    Really really amazin! Never even been able to dream of seeing so many x-wings (and pilots!) in one collection.
    "Impressive, very impressive" 😊
    also really nice to see your loose figures displayed. It got me motivated again to get mine out of storage. It's really worth showing them all and with the cases you used, they look awesome.

    thanks for sharing

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    stunning and simply awesome collection you have. With a little bit patience and The Force you will find the remaining X-Wings

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    awesome stuff man!
    Big L Rest In Peace!
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    Other Stuff I collect

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    Kudos for such a great X-Wing/LXWP focus I've also been focusing on these along with X-Wing oddball items. The Canadian boxes are great to see and hard to find. The Harbert is really cool too. My collection is still quite small, so it's good to see another substantial one like yours existing after Marc Carraway bowed out (his collection was just jaw-dropping). Good luck with the future additions. The latest on Repro and Original SW action figure accessories! Recognise these toys? Cool toy ads from the 1970s and 80s!

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