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Thread: My X-Wing Focus and other Vintage stuff

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    No better combo than a Harbert X Wing and a Glenmorangie 18 year
    "Having Trouble With Your Droid...?"

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    Great collection! One of my favorite vintage pictures is the diorama on the side of that Harbert box

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    Got a great case for my LXW mailer-set:

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcobulus View Post
    Got a great case for my LXW mailer-set:

    Where from? I have a few mailer sets I'd love to display in cases!

    Looking for Darth Vader items from all around the world.
    Vader Vintage Collection
    Vader Bootleg Collection

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    Nice collection.
    I'm looking for vintage weapons and a Wampa MIB!!!!
    Vintage Star Wars Commercials:

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    A new X-Wing for the fleet

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    Congrats to the Killer hunt!
    Looks very cool!

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    Some new stuff (after a few years):

    Red 22 and Red 23 have landed.

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    Impressive! Love that Harbert box! is it complete?
    WTB: Foreign MOCs - Meccano, Harbert, PBP/Poch, Lili Ledy, Glasslite, Top Toys
    My feedback:

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    Amazing X-Wing run!
    WTB - Jawa proofs,toltoys Jawa, Jawa prototypes,1st shots, or test shots. feedback

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