What's Up Scummers,

I wanted to share the story of my recent purchase of a lot of toys from a former Kenner employee with everyone here on RS. It was a two month long saga that culminated this past Sunday when I drove out to Ohio and purchased a large lot of vintage that had been boxed up in a basement for the past 30+ years in rural Ohio.

Many of you may remember a few weeks back when I posted about a purchase of a lot of figures that contained (unbeknownst to me until I received them) six first shot cantina aliens. After learning that a few of the figures I had received were first shots, l reached out to the guy that I had purchase them from and learned that he had received them during the Christmas of 1980 from his uncle, who was an employee at Kenner at the time. I learned his uncle's name and started to do some research. I want to thank Chris Georgoulias for his assistance and guidance early on in verifying names and giving suggestions on how to proceed from his years of experience in tracking down Kenner treasure. Thanks Chris.

With just a name and some very limited info, I began the research process and was able to locate an e-mail address for the former employee. I sent an e-mail describing the purchase I made from his nephew and my interest in learning about the Star Wars times at Kenner. I then crossed my fingers and waited.... I figured one of three things would happen: 1. I would get no response, 2. I would get a response telling me to beat it and don't contact me again or 3. I'd get a response and it would go well and I'd learn some stuff about Kenner and that'd be cool......(or could there be a 4??)

A few days go by (with me checking my e-mail every 20 minutes) and then.....there it was....a response e-mail....holy S! I open it. It was short. I read. It was a number 3 response...basically stating, sorry I didn't respond right away, my wife has been in the hospital, I'd be happy to talk to you about Kenner, I'll write more soon. I respond, thanking him for taking the time to respond...etc. The next day my #3 response turned into a #4....I receive a bunch more e-mails from him all in a row, back to back...what the...could these be? Wait they all have attachments. First e-mail explained that he worked for Kenner in the Product Integrity Deparment for a few years (78' to 80') and that he used to test toys for safety and reliability. But what about all these attachments??.... Pictures. All of vintage Star Wars toys that he had saved. I thought you might like to see these, he wrote, I hope you enjoy them. MOCs, ESB 3-packs, baggies, Vader case with white cardboard wrap and insert, figure cases, unpainted die cast ships, electronic games, loose figures.....No way. The closer I looked the more excited I became. Several of the loose figures had writing on them.

Over te next few weeks, we e-mailed back and forth. Talking about all kinds of things including Kenner. Most of the time he was writing me from his wife's hospital bed-side. A recipient of a pair of new lungs, his wife was fighting the fight of her life with a variety of complications. We continue to correspond and he told me how nice it was to have someone to talk with....someone to take his mind off of the crap his wife was going through. I enjoyed being able to do that or him.

Someone I want to thank for being there for me and providing his encouragement, support and knowledge is Steve (the_dark_artist). Steve and I talked all the way through the process leading up to what I think will be the highlight of my collecting and was instrumental in pushing me along. Thanks Steve.

Flash forward a few weeks as his wife is home and doing much better. We had discussed me purchasing his toys on and off over the weeks that we wrote back and forth and a week ago we came to a deal! The next thing I know...I'm making plans to drive to OHIO. Arrangemnts were made for this past Sunday (3/16/2014). My dad had asked to drive with me, as company.....on a side note this turned out to be awesome. With my job, wife, kids and 1000 other obligations, I don't get the time to spend with my dad that I'd like. It was fitting too since my dad was the person that had introduced me to Star Wars a long time ago in a childhood far far away.... The 8 hour ride from Philadelphia to Ohio gave us a lot of time to just spend together. Prior to leaving my Kenner friend insisted that my dad and I stay with him and his wife for the night instead of turning around and driving back home! He said, that way we could talk more about "Kenner's" (that's how he would say it). Unreal!

Sunday morning, dad and I are on the way....and[IMG][/IMG]