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Thread: Random Thoughts from a Neophyte Collector/Seller

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    Random Thoughts from a Neophyte Collector/Seller

    I started collecting about 5 years ago. This was my midlife crisis. Instead of buying a corvette I bought Star War toys from my childhood.

    I was 6 years old when Star Wars was released. My world took a 180 degree turn. No more Batman or Superman or GI Joe. It was all about Star Wars.

    My family didnít have a lot of money so I didnít have a lot of toys growing up. Now that I am an adult and have some disposable income this my chance to buy the toys I couldnít get when I was a boy.

    Here is what I have learned from my experiences collecting & selling:

    1. Just buy what you love. I was only a fan of Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back. Even when ESB was released I remember thinking to myself; ďok, this is getting a little ridiculous. 2 Bespin Security Guards!Ē The mistake I made was that I felt I needed a complete set. So I grudgingly bought the ROTJ figures even though I donít care for the movie especially the Ewoks. My wife got a good laugh when I would purchase a Ewok. It was like paying someone to punch me in the face. I wasnít having fun buying the ROTJ figures. So stick with what you love and take some medicine for your OCD.

    2. Donít start collecting for the ROI (return on investment). Yes, some of the figures I have bought have skyrocketed in value but to liquidate that investment into cash takes a lot of work. And that leads to my next point.

    3. Selling is expensive. I say this lovingly and with all due respect but Star Wars collectors can get a little crazy when it comes to packaging. Packaging materials cost MONEY! A lot of money and a lot of time to package it properly. I take great pride in my packaging. I package the way I would want to receive it. I get it. But it costs money and a lot of buyers donít want to pay a lot for shipping. So itís a double edged sword to say the least. This is not a problem on this forum which is why I enjoy this community so much, but more of an issue on FeeBay.

    4. Fragility. I think some collectors forget we are dealing with ephemeral collectibles. Those cards and especially the bubbles were not made to last forever. Thin plastic bubbles will become brittle overtime. That is just one of the hazards of this hobby. I have a Death Squad Commander 12 Back AFA 80 that sits on my shelf. No one touches it but me. Well the other day I notice that the bubble has lost a small piece from the corner and it was laying at the bottom of the case. At first I was extremely upset. Then I reminded myself. IT IS A 37 YEAR OLD TOY! I am 43 and that figure has aged better than me

    I still enjoy collecting figures but not with the same zeal as when I first started. Thankfully, I am married to a wonderful woman who enjoys my hobby as much as I do. Now itís more about the experience. I enjoy hitting flea markets and antique stores when we travel. Last year we drove up to Minneapolis for a little vacation. We stopped in Des Moines for the night to help break up the trip. I asked the lady at the front desk if there were any antique stores nearby. She gave us a recommendation. We browsed around and lo and behold I found an MOC ESB Darth Vader for $100. Nice little find. Now when I look at the figure I donít think about scoring a good deal on the figure. I remember the vacation that I spent with my wife and the fun we had browsing the antique store together. Not sitting alone at my computer searching endlessly for a C-9 Bespin Security Guard

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    Good post. I think many of us can relate to every word.
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    Coming from someone who has spent the last 24 hours online searching for a good deal on a ROTJ MOC Bespin Security Guard, I can absolutely agree with you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bsnaggy View Post

    My family didn’t have a lot of money so I didn’t have a lot of toys growing up. Now that I am an adult and have some disposable income this my chance to buy the toys I couldn’t get when I was a boy.
    Same situation with my family. On the other hand my neighbor had all of the cooler Star Wars toys and I had to settle for playing with his. Since I started seriously collecting about fifteen years ago I've found myself subconsciously collecting all of the toys I had to play with at my neighbors house. It took a while but the only thing I'm missing of his is the AT-ST.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bsnaggy View Post
    IT IS A 37 YEAR OLD TOY! I am 43 and that figure has aged better than me

    Excellent post.

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    Well said.

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    no batman or gi joe!!!!!

    born in 72, my childhood was, star wars, batman and gi joe. don't forget the justice league and kiss.

    so now that is my collection.
    star wars--12 back loose, with a couple of others like boba fett, jaba, yoda snow trooper
    gi joe, 1982/84
    kiss megos and the realistic looking mcfarlanes--im not a fan of the monster looking ones--
    also first year 1977 vehicles and a y wing
    1982 firsts for gi joe vehicles.

    got say I have been bit by the 6 inch black series and the classic tv batman series set--the batmobile is really cool

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